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Are you ready to be blessed?

Are you ready to be blessed? I mean really?

If you raised your hand and are shouting "me, me me" read on. Are you truly ready? So many times we look at our social media timelines, listen to what others are saying and see how they are being blessed and we wonder...Why not me? When is my time coming? Why is she always being blessed? Why is she just prospering? I'm over here and nothing is happening. When is it my turn? And then we sulk, feel sorry for ourselves, hate on her and do nothing.

Let me tell you something...Sometimes we sit back and wait for God, other people, a miracle to do the work. And yes, all of those things can happen. God can provide a miracle so big that all your dreams are answered. But what about you? What are you going to do?

As usual during my quiet time, I get all these divine revelations, nudges from the spirit, etc.

Too often we just quote the scripture, pray for the answer and wait. I know God can do all. But hey you have to put some skin in the game too. It's your vision, your dream and you are going to have to do some work. So while you are hating on her, okay feeling a little envious because it seems like she is just doing it!!! Think about what you are doing or not doing. I can always tell the truth on me. So let's talk about me okay? I was wondering out loud why something I worked on last year was not a huge success and God told me. Because you did not WORK it. You didn't put enough work into it and you depended on me to Make it Happen. Say what? See, with the relationship I have developed and am continuing to develop with God this is how we talk. Imagine a conversation something like this.

Me: What do you mean I didn't work?

God: Just what I said. You played with it.

Me: I don't understand. I really worked on this project

God: Nope. You did a little, wasted a lot of time and rushed to complete it last minute. So don't get mad with me because i didn't make YOUR plan work.

I'm not going to bore you with the rest of this, but you get the picture right? When we see the successes of other people, I am sure if you talked to them you would find out that they have worked, sacrificed and put in the time. Now sometimes God's favor plays a big part, but mostly they worked. How about you? Are you working it, or like I was reminded are you wasting time, doing a little and depending on God's blessing of YOUR project?

So I ask again? Are you ready to be blessed? See I am. I really am. But not really. Because if the blessings that I am praying for happened, I would not be ready for them. Ya'll I got BIGGGGGG dreams. And because I have not done the work yet, I am not ready. If God caused it to happen right now, I would fail big time. You have to be honest with yourself. So take a few minutes and think about whatever blessing you are hoping for. Is is your degree? is it a new job? Is it more clients for your business? Is it a book you want to write? Is it a spouse? It could be any number of things. but my question is...Are you ready to be blessed. If it's that degree, are you doing the homework, attending class? If it's a new job, what does your resume look like? Do you have a resume? Are you actively looking? Need more clients for your business, are you prepared for them? Could you handle them if they came? What systems do you have in place? Want to write a book? When do you just sit down and write? What excuses do you give yourself? Want a spouse? Are you ready to be a spouse? So the next time you get all bent out of shape because you don't feel like you are being blessed and social media has you feeling some kind of way, take a minute and ask yourself "What are you doing or not doing? Am I wasting time? What more can I do?

It's not magic ya'll. YOU have to work it.

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