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You Decide What You Will Carry into 2019

This month I have had the opportunity to spend valuable time with my family and friends. I have been down south since December 17. It has been really good to not have to rush going from house to house and only spending a few hours over a few days. During this time I have also had the time to reflect and think over my life in 2018. I did a Facebook live over in my closed group Confident Woman Dreamlife titled, "You decide what you will carry into 2019...Time to get rid of what is no longer serving you. Here, I will share my list of things that will not make the journey with me in 2019.

Doubt - I will no longer second guess or doubt my ideas and talk myself out of doing something because I think it might not go over well or get hung up on minor details.

Negative/Toxic People - Whether that is family members or friends, if they don't lift me and support me, they will not be making the journey.

Overbooking my schedule - I will have better time management. Period! No more wasting time with idle activities that are not in line with my 2019 goals.

Lack of Confidence - Yep, the Confidence Coach has some areas where she is a little shaky in confidence. Technology and Social Media are two areas where I could stand to use a little more confidence. I get so scared that I am going to tear up something with technology and with social media things change so quickly. But hey ya'll this Baby Boomer is going to tackle those two things right away.

Procrastination - When the ideas come, I will execute. No longer will I waste precious time trying to decide how something will happen.

So this is my list. Maybe you are going to let go of some of the same things, or you might have your own need to release.

Do me a favor, take a little time to create your list and get ready to go into 2019 with a new attitude.

Love and a whole lotta light!


activities I want to do are good enough.

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