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Valentine's Day is over, now what?

Love is in the air. Flower bouquets are being delivered. Candy stores are crowded with customers buying their loves favorite treats. Jewelry stores are buzzing with couples looking for that perfect ring for their perfect love. That was 9 days ago is love still in the air?

How do you continue to show love and affection to your spouse or significant other? Do you continue the courtship with gifts, cards, chocolates, jewelry, flowers, love notes and date nights throughout the year? If you do then you are on track and you have an exceptional romance. This affection is a necessity for your relationship to remain exciting. do not have to break the bank to court your spouse or significant other. Make an effort to court again. You know when you first met and you would spend hours on the phone and fall a

sleep with the phone in your hand. Holding hands as you are walking down the street. remember how that made you feel. Well rekindle that flame. Here are some tips to jumpstart that romance:

1. Remember to schedule a date night at least once a month.

2. Go to the movies and share a large popcorn and drink as you snuggle together watching the screen.

3. Watch TV in bed and feed each other snacks.

4. Go to gym together and come back and take a shower, together.

5. Stick a love note in their purse, lunch bag, briefcase and sign it with a spicy name. Then ask them about it.

Schedule a text or facebook live post singing, reading a poem, or send an emoji.

Keep your romance hot and spicy. It refreshes your relationship and rekindled those flames when you first met. Thank about your first date. Then your second and so on. Valentine's Day is once a year...but romance is a consistent movement. Spring is coming...start today remaining your love consistently and intentionally. Alright now, love is in the air.

Jacqueline Smith is the author of Marriage...What's Love Got To Do With It? Everything

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