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Competition is Dead!

Earlier this week I was scrolling through my Facebook Timeline and reading all of the amazing things that my sisters were doing. It was inspiring, motivating and a little scary. They were doing so many positive things; community service, mentoring, starting businesses, raising families, traveling the world, writing books, writing plays. Post after post of all of the things that some people only dream about doing, these ladies were actually doing. Living their lives on their terms. I said above that this was inspiring, motivating and a little scary. Scary in the sense that seeing all of the things that they were doing could cause feelings of inferiority, jealousy, unworthiness and other negative emotions in someone who was not mature enough to celebrate the blessings of someone else. Many years ago that would have been me. I would have read all of those things and started feeling bad that it wasn't me. I would have compared where they were and what they were doing to where I was and what I was doing...or not doing. I am so glad that I have grown over the years and I now realize that I don't have to feel bad about myself because another woman is doing big things. That I don't have to compare what I have accomplished to what she has accomplished. That I don't have to put another woman down to make me feel better about myself. I am so grateful that I have grown, that I can genuinely support another woman, that I can cheer her on without thinking about what her success means for me. Competition is dead. We can accomplish so much more when we support each other. When we look for ways to help a sister instead of talking about and tearing her down. Don't look at the success that another woman is having and think poor me. Look at her success and think "You go Girl" and know that if she can do can you. There is room for all of us to succeed!

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