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Real Women Do Model

The Fashion Industry says that a fashion model should be at least 5'9 and very thin. They must have the "look". The "look" is usually young, fresh. Did I say young? The problem with that is most women are not 5'9 and thin. We are real women with real women bodies. That means curves. That means hips. That means a pudge instead of a six pack. But we still want to look good.We buy clothes. And we want to see real bodies in the clothes. I can't tell how I am going to look in an outfit modeled by a 5'9, thin model with not an extra inch of fat on her.

A year ago I modeled in a fashion show. There were models there with real bodies as well as tall, thin models. I happened to be standing next to a tall, thin model waiting for our next scene, when a lady from the audience came up to us. She looked at the tall, thin model and said, "that is a nice outfit you have on. I should buy it" Then she looked over at me and nodded. She came to stand next to me and said. "We are the same height and size. I can see myself in this. I need it for my cruise next week" AND SHE BOUGHT IT!

Fashion Industry, we are not saying don't use the tall, thin girls with the amazing bodies. We are just saying don't forget about the real women, with the real bodies.

We buy clothes too!

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