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Your Opinion Does Not Really Matter

I work hard to encourage, motivate and inspire women to live their best life. To live their lives like it is golden. That is why I remind women that it's their time now; that they have to stop being everything to everybody, and that it's not selfish to take time for themselves.

I encourage women to continue to think of themselves as beautiful, vibrant beings even after they have reached an age that society often thinks of as over the hill.. I believe that women are beautiful. We come in all shapes and sizes, all colors. We have different personalities, different quirks. And yes, we are all ages.

I remember when I became 40. They decorated my office with all black decorations that said over the hill. I was anything but. People thought I was going to be depressed or some other negative emotion. Not! I knew that I had plenty life left in me.

I have always believed that age is just a number. I am as young as I feel. That is the message that I share with my ladies. Just because you have hit a certain number on the calendar does not mean that all of a sudden, everything you are and everything you want has to suddenly stop, and you have to now start acting the way "they" think that someone your age has to act.

We are living longer, living better and we are not going to be shuffled to the side like some old toy that is no longer fun to play with.

This brings me to an incident that happened earlier this week. A man reached out to me on messenger to tell me that he thought one of my pictures was inappropriate. First, I don't know you, Second, I don't care what you think, Third, feel free to use that little button and unfriend me. Real simple.

It always amazes me when people have something to say about what another person puts on their page. If you don't like the content, move on.

But he ;was not really important to me, because I have the confidence to not let his opinion bother me, or stop me from posting what I feel like posting ON MY PAGE.. But I am thinking about all of the other women who might be thinking about stepping out there, doing something out of the ordinary, doing something that society thinks she should not do because of her age and it makes me angry.

A remark like his, could cause another woman to go back to hiding; to not showing the world that yes she is over 40, 50, 60 and up and she has it going on.. So yes, I will work harder to inspire women to be who they want to be, no matter what the age on their Drivers License says..

Don't live your life, caring about the opinions of other people. You are the author of your life. Write the story that you want to tell, not the one written for you by THEM and THEY.

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