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Your Age Does Not Define You

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Let me say that again for those that might not believe it. "Your age does not define who you are" When I say that age is just a number (and I say it all the time) I really think that way. Deep down in my soul I believe that you are as old as you feel. I'm talking to the over 50 crowd right now :)

Now let me explain that for you skeptics out there. Just because you hit a certain age, it does not mean that now you have to start acting in a particular way.. Because the calendar has hit a certain date, your whole way of living and being does not have to change to fit what society says you should be doing.

You are as old as you feel. I know some younger people who feel and act a whole lot older than I do. And I have some older friends who have so much energy and are doing so many things that if I didn't know better I would think that they were a whole lot younger.

So you see, you can't hear a person's age and suddenly decide that they should be acting a certain way.

So, let's talk about ME. Because today is my birthday. And I am 63 years old. I can't believe how comfortable I am saying that out loud. Because three years ago that was not going to happen. I would lie about my age, or actually just not discuss my age. I was uncomfortable sharing how old I was and I avoided conversations where age was being discussed. I would get mad if someone who knew my age would share the information.

For so many years, I had lied about my age, that I often forgot just how old I really was. I would have to use the year I was born to calculate how old I was. Don't laugh. I am serious. It basically started many years ago when I used to do a lot of modeling.

I was always encouraged to shave years off of my age. I was told that clients would not want to hire me if they knew my real age. Oh really? You hired me because you thought I was 10 years younger?Well ,the joke is on you sir. But okay. just hand me my check. I can be any age you need me to be.

I also noticed that some people would start to treat me differently when they found out my age. Suddenly they were treating me like I was their mother or being careful what they said around me. News alert, if that is not the relationship we had when we first met, don't change. I have no interest in mothering you.

So sharing my age was not something that I did freely.

But one day during my morning devotion time, I realized how blessed I was to have lived to be my age, to be healthy, to be in my right mind and I felt bad about lying. People my age and younger were dying, or ill, or having all types of problems and I began to feel a deep sense of gratitude and made up my mind that I was going to share my real age. I was going to do it on Facebook .Why Facebook you may be asking? I chose FB because when I had my friend set up my FB account many years ago, I told her not to put my real date of birth. See, I really did not want people to know how old I really was.

So I was going back to the scene of the crime and make it right. So on my 60th birthday I had a birthday photo shoot and in my birthday post I shared my REAL age. Now it is easy to say how old I am and I feel a real sense of pride. I also love to use the Senior discounts that some places offer.

I accomplished so many things after the age of 50. I received my Bachelors Degree at age 52. My Masters at age 54. At 54 I also started my business, became a speaker and wrote my second book and I became a Certified Life Coach. And there is so much more on my Living My Best Life list of things to get done. I don't call it a bucket list

So don't let people determine how you should act or react because you hit a certain age. You are really as old as you feel. Age is a state of mind. If you feel old...then you are old. But if there are things you want to do and places you want to go, and people you want to meet, don't let your age stop you.

Live your life. Do the things you want to do. Be the person you want to be. Wear the clothes you want to wear.. Be you! The best you that you can be. And don't be concerned with what "THEY" say.

It's your life. Live it!

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