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Who is afraid of the Coronavirus?

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This week has been crazy. Well actually it started last week. I have some dear friends who made it their mission to keep me informed about the latest Coronavirus updates. See, I don't follow the news, or any of the depressing things that they have on television, because it depresses me. I hate the gloom and doom of the reports. It seems like each station is trying to outdo the other in who can report the worst news.

So my 3 friends begin to contact me with daily phone calls. They informed me of the danger of flying, they told me I needed to stock up on food and water and they told me I needed to stay away from people as much as possible. Now while I really appreciated their concern, it became a bit much. You see, I don't give in to the scare tactics that the government fills us with. Remember Y2K anyone? Even back then I did not stock up on water or supplies. I don't give in to the fear because If I give in to one fear, then it will open the floodgates for me to begin fearing everything. And I have worked hard to not be that girl anymore.

So once I got my friends on the same page that I was on, I started seeing the results of the Coronavirus scare. The media is reporting out constantly and people are going into fear frenzy. I could not believe it when I went into the store to do my regular shopping and the store was packed. The lines had formed down the aisles. And certain products were non-existent. What does toilet tissue have to do with the virus? I really want to know because the two stores that I visited were completely sold out. I mean not a roll in the whole store. It reminded me of the time Hurricane Freddie (1979) came through Mobile, AL. I remember the night my friend asked me if I wanted to go shopping with her because of the hurricane. She had been watching the news reports. I was watching Mash. I will never forget. She stocked up on supplies. I bought two dinner candles, because they were out of all of the other candles. (that should have been a clue) But no, I got my candles and we went on our merry way. Well, maybe I should have paid a little more attention because Hurricane Freddie did some real damage to Mobile, and I was without power for 2 weeks.

For a minute this week, I thought about that time and almost gave in to the fear and start stockpiling up supplies. Then, I had to laugh at myself. Nope. Because deep down inside I did not and do not feel panicked yet. I feel concerned of course, but I don't have that gloom and doom sense of dread that I see around me. So I did my regular shopping, picking up a few extra can good...just in case. Some people, all they can talk about is the Coronavirus. I'm sorry, I just really don't want to hear it.

When my job announced this week that we would be off for two weeks, my first thought was, "Well God, I have been praying for some extra time to get some things I really want to do done. Thank you for this gift of time." I was not thinking of any of the negative things I heard people predict. While I am not scared, I will use wisdom. I will follow the guidelines that have been recommended. But I just can't live my life in fear. Below are some basic protective tips that I am sure you already know and have seen, but I wanted to do my part and share them.

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Basic Protective Measures

  • Wash your hands often with soap and water for at least 20 seconds

  • Avoid touching your eyes, nose and mouth

  • Clean and disinfect your house

  • Maintain social distance

  • Practice respiratory hygiene (cover your mouth when coughing)

  • Stay home if you don't feel well

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During your time off you can:

  • Read that book you have been trying to finish or start a book you have been wanting to read

  • Get a head start on spring cleaning the house

  • Exercise. You don't have the excuse of not having time.

  • Catch up on your sleep. Anybody still feeling the effects of daylight savings time?

  • Spend time with your children

  • Learn something new

There are so many things you can do during this time. One thing I hope you don't do is to consume your mind with the gloom and doom news that is on in constant rotation. Stay watchful and stay healthy.

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