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Who Are You Calling Old?

They say anti-aging. I say aging fiercely, because I have no intention in getting old without a fight!!!

I know that some women are content with just enjoying life. They are looking forward to retiring and relaxing. And that is a good thing for them if that is their goal. Everyone has the right to make their own decision to live their best life; the life that makes them happy.

But in this post I am talking to the women who are ready to take on this second half of life with a vengeance. I say that us Baby Boomers are big, bad, bold and in your face. We are not hiding, shrinking or backing down. We are not wearing shapeless clothes and sitting back letting life pass us by.

We look good, we feel good and we are here for it all. I laugh when I look at some of the old tv shows that are my favorites. You know the ones. Where there was no killing and they all had happy endings. But, the characters were portrayed to look so old and frumpy. I love All in the Family. I can't believe that the character Edith turned 50 years old in one of the episodes. The way they had her dressed with her plaid shapeless dresses and her sensible flat shoes and old lady hats made her look much older.

No ma'am and no thanks. It is time to enjoy life to the fullest. It is time to try new things. It is time to date if you are single. It is time to go back to school, write that book. start that business, take that trip to Europe, Africa or anywhere in between.

The sky is the limit. You are your own limitation. If you want it then go after it. All you have to do is just that "do". If you are content just chilling and relaxing at this point in your life, then that is okay too.

That's the beauty of life. We can do whatever we want to do when we're living our own BEST LIFE! And age is nothing but a number. Remember it is okay to age. Just don't get old.

Photo Credit: Hammond Photo Design.

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