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When the Gold left my Golden Life

Living my life like it's golden...I started saying that a few years back. . I had written my first book, I'm Doing It! I had received my Bachelors and Masters Degrees, and I was doing some good things. Making some things happen. A lot of the things I had only dreamed about doing were now coming to pass.

So, I proudly sang that song. It was my theme song. I had them play it before I started speaking. It described what my life was all about at that time. I was traveling as a speaker, meeting people I had only seen on Facebook, and basically a lot of things were falling into place for me.

BUT... and there is a but when you are living your golden life. At least there was for me. I had a plan, and a list of things I wanted, and thought I had to have to be living my golden life. Yep, I had a plan. You know...write the vision and make it plain?.

You need to know just what it means to you to be living your golden life.

So I ask you the question. To be living a golden life, what do you need to have happen? What do you need to be doing? Who do you need in your life? What things need to be in place? It was this week that this topic popped into my spirit. I say my spirit because sometimes things will just be heavy on my heart and I can't shake the feeling that I need to share it with others. So of course I had to sit down and really think about it.

What is my golden life? Has anything changed from when I first claimed Jill Scott's song as my theme song?

And yes. A lot of things had changed. Basically my whole lifestyle has changed. When I first claimed my life golden, I was in a long term marriage. At that time it had been about 19-20 years. I had everything that came with having a partner. Mostly security. Knowing that there was another person that had my back. Was there when I was sick. Was there when my car broke down. Was there when I needed company. Was there when we went to family events. That is the word. Was there. And now? After 22 years of marriage that part of my golden life ended. It has been 3 years and a total change of lifestyle. The security that I had and basically depended on is now gone. I had to step up to the plate and learn to do a lot of things that I never had to do. So what makes my life golden these days? Is it even golden? Is that still my theme song? And dammit, yes it is!

My life is golden. There have been changes, but it is golden just the same. Like I stated in the beginning of this. You really need to know just what it is you need in your life to claim a golden life. Is it things? New car, nice big home? Lot's of designer clothes, Vacations to far away places? Is it people? A husband, boyfriend, boo thang? Is it your freedom? Just you? Not having to be responsible to another person? Is it that Corporate job with the corner office? Is it a booming business with you in charge and lots of customers? Is it spending time with your children and grandchildren? You determine what it means to live a golden life. Take a few minutes, nope you need more time than that. Take whatever time you need to go over your life and see just what it takes to make your life golden. And if those things are not there, then what is it you need to do to get to your golden life?

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