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What you're putting in is not enough

What you're putting in is not enough. You don't have enough skin in the game. Wow! I want you to read that out loud, not one more time, but two or even three more times. Let it resonate with you. Float around in your brain a little, settle in your stomach. Move you to action. So what exactly am I talking about now?

Let me explain. In January, actually the end of December 2018, I was sitting in a hotel room in Mobile, AL. I was working on my new year goals. You know how we always write down our resolutions, goals, new year, new you list. Whatever you call it. But back to me. I had a long list of things I wanted to do differently in 2019. These included personal and business goals. I was so on fire. I wrote out my list in my new journal and I started 2019 with a bang. I had all these positive affirmations posted everywhere and I was good to go.

But some time during the year, I lost momentum. It only takes one or two things to knock you off your square.I stopped working consistently on the things I said I wanted to accomplish. I let other things take me away from what I was supposed to do. It became easy to justify why I wasn't going to the gym. It was real cold last January. They gave us days off and warned people to stay inside. It was easy to not follow my writing schedule of at least one hour every day after work. I had been so busy at work. I deserved to come home and chill out in front of the television. I needed to relax my brain. See how easy it was for me?There were more instances of me making excuses for not staying on course and only doing the bare minimum. But I still wanted my goals to happen. I still faithfully said my affirmations. I just wasn't doing the work. Affirmations are not magic. You have to put something in. Some skin in the game. You know. Nothing in...nothing out.

Now maybe I am just talking to myself, but I doubt it. I know there are some of you out there who did the same thing. That enthusiasm you had in January dwindled in February and was gone by March. You were down to doing the bare minimum too. Maybe some of you weren't as bad as I was, but you still didn't put in enough. Enough what you are asking? Well it depends. Enough time, enough effort, enough money, enough hours. Heck, I don't know what your goals are. You know what it takes. Did you put enough in to get out what you are expecting in return?

It is October. We still have time to redeem ourselves. What thing or thing(s) do you want to get accomplished before the end of the year? And if not just for the end of the year, what do you want to have fully implemented in your life? Are you willing to put in the work? Remember, if what you're putting in is not enough...put in more! Get some skin in the game!!

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