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What is Your Love Language?

If you can't love on yourself, you will find it hard to love on others.

I came across a book I have in my library. It is one of my favorite books and I have read it many times. It is The 5 Love Languages by Gary Chapman. If you have not read it, grab a copy. It explains how we all have a love language. Dr. Chapman presents a simple truth. Relationships grow better when we understand each other.

We give and receive love differently. And this goes for all types of relationships. The ones we have if we are married, dating, or with our co-workers, friends, children. There are some actions that just make us feel loved, listened to and cared about. It is important because if you are not receiving what makes you feel loved then it does not matter how expensive, romantic or nice the other person thought it was. It is not going to make your socks roll up and down.

So I listed the 5 love languages below. See which ones are important to you. There is also an online quiz that you can take to find out what your love language is.

My top 3 are Words of Affirmation, Quality Time and Personal Touch.

The 5 love Languages

1. Words of Affirmation - "That dress looks good on you" "Honey you are wearing that suit" "You did a really good job" "Thank you for being there for me" So basically love with words.

2. Acts of service - Action speak louder than words. Anything that is done to ease the burden of responsibilities that the other person has.

3. Receiving gifts - they don't have to be big or expensive, but thoughtful or meaningful gifts. It is the thoughtfulness and effort behind the gift.

4. Quality time - No television, no telephones. No distractions. Being there. Whether it is spending uninterrupted time or doing activities together

5. Physical touch - holding hands, kissing, pats on the back, light touches on the arm.

So here is a thought. Why don't you try using your love language on yourself. Instead of waiting on somebody else to do it. Try affirming yourself by telling yourself nice things. "You are really smart" "You did a good job" 'you look beautiful today"

Get the idea? Buy yourself something nice, flowers, candy, that bracelet you have been wanting.. Whatever your love language is, do those things for yourself. Remember self-love important.

Take the quiz today and see what your results look like.

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