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Tips to Becoming Totally Unstoppable

Years ago the things I am doing today were just a dream. I have met people that I used to follow on Facebook. I have been places that I thought I would never go. For many years I really did live a dream life. The kind of life where all I did was dream. The things I wanted to do seemed so far away. I thought about it a lot, but I never acted on those thoughts. UNTIL...

One day I just got sick and tired of seeing other people living the life that I should have been living. I saw people doing the things I wanted to do. They were no different than me. If they could do it then so could I. I kept remembering the scripture, God is not a respecter of persons. So I made the decision to finally do something. I was going to do the things I wanted to do. It was my time. It was time for me to follow my dreams, to move forward and not look back. Below I share my tips on becoming totally unstoppable.

  1. Do It Afraid - For years I was afraid to try anything new because I was afraid to fail. I also thought a lot about what people would say. Well, fear is a killer of dreams. When you are afraid you don't move. You have to push past that fear to get to your breakthrough.

  2. Watch your words and your thoughts - Words are powerful. Stop saying and thinking negative things about you and your situation. Remove the word "can't" from your vocabulary.

  3. Upgrade your circle of influence - Be careful of the people you allow in your life. Some people are there for a reason and some for a season. When their season is up, let them go.

  4. Identify/recognize the roadblocks/stumbling blocks in your life - You may be your biggest obstacle. Surprise!! Whatever it is you need to recognize it and work on moving past it.

  5. Draft your Dream Team - You need people in your life who support you and who motivate you.

  6. . It's your time - Stop feeling guilty when you take the time to do something for you. Self-care is very important when you are on the road to being unstoppable.

To be unstoppable you have to push past the fear, identify the stumbling blocks in your life, so that you can get to your breakthrough. Be unstoppable!!

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