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Stop waiting to live your life!

To often we “wait” to do the things we want to do in life. We have all these reasons why we need to wait. We have all these reasons why now is not the right time. We think we are too old, too young, not smart enough, too smart, people will laugh, people will talk about us…and all the other million reasons we can come up with to convince ourselves that we need to “wait”. We seem to always be waiting for the perfect conditions.

That is the story of so many women it seems. There is always “tomorrow”.

Well you know what? Tomorrow never comes, but time does go by. I am often surprised at how quickly the days are passing by. Sometimes it’s scary. So while we are waiting for tomorrow, life is passing us by. You will wake up one morning sitting in your rocking chair wondering what happened,, or you don't wake up because your time has come and you are no longer on this side. Morbid huh? Well it’s the truth. We never know when our time will come.

They say the cemetery is full of buried dreams. Well don’t let your dreams be buried. Life is for living and I truly believe it is to be lived to the fullest. Don’t have regrets. Don’t let your life be one of what I should have, could have, would have done. I also hate the phrase “I’m gonna…” Are you? What are you gonna do, and just when are you gonna do it? If your dreams don't make you scared, then your dreams are not big enough.

How about starting today? Make yourself a promise that you are going to do one thing daily towards living your life like its golden.

That you are going to take or make time for YOU! You are worth it…It’s your time NOW!!!

Live your dreams now!

Photo: Photography is Everything

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