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Spending Easter Alone

Photo bySweet AmaryllisonUnsplash

Happy Easter to you. I hope that in spite of everything you enjoyed your day. I know this year things were quite different than in past years. With the shelter at home, social distancing mandate, we were not free to come and go as we pleased. Some people are blessed to have a spouse, significant other or their family members with them. For those like me who live alone, it can be a bit of a challenge to get into the holiday spirit. Normally, I would have been out with family or friends doing something.

Spending time alone for the holidays can really be satisfying though. Once you get past any feelings of loneliness, it is an opportunity to create a new tradition. It is a time where you can create your own rituals. and since you don't have to be concerned with satisfying or accommodating anyone else, you are free to do you! It is all in your mindset.

So just how did I celebrate Easter this year? Well, I decided to have a relaxing day. It started with me sleeping in. Then I watched a couple of church services on line. Basically my whole day was do what you feel, as you feel like doing it. I had no agenda. I read a book just for fun. (insert romance novel), I had a relaxing bath, I watched silly tv shows. I ate frosted flakes for breakfast. I cooked a meal for dinner. I sang and danced along with Frankie Beverly and Maze. In my head, I am really a good stepper. (lol) I just enjoyed being with myself. I hope that by the next holiday, Memorial Day, we are released to come and go as we please. but just in case we are forced to stay inside, see below my list of things you can do to enjoy a holiday solo.

  • Decide what kind of day you want to have. Lazy day or one with activity. Then act accordingly

  • Plan a meal of your choice

  • Watch movies

  • Read

  • Learn something new on YouTube

  • Get some fresh air. Take a walk. Sit on your balcony or porch

  • Get dressed or stay in your pajamas

  • FaceTime family and friends

  • Talk on the phone to family and friends

  • Take a long relaxing bath

  • Nap

  • Clean house

This is just a small list of the things that you can do. Basically it is whatever you want to do. It is having your mindset in the right place. It is remembering that alone does not mean lonely. The idea is to have a plan up front on just what you want to do and then do it!

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