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Self-Care and You

I am a self-care practitioner.; a self-care junkie. I love self-care!! I have been practicing self-care for many years. I have always done what I thought of as self-care, but over the years I really begin to understand what self-care is. It is not massages and facials and mani/pedis. While that is good, that is maintenance. And yes, it can be considered self-care...but I am talking about the care that covers the whole you. Mind, Body, Soul.

I think for me, it started when I made the decision to slow down. That in itself was a whole lot. I have always been a person who loved to go. I did not like to sleep. I actually felt like it was a waste of time. That I could do that when I got old. What a laugh I get out of it now. I have actually found out that when I get the proper rest I am more creative, more energetic and I'm sure my family would say more fun to be around. I started saying no to things that did not serve me. Or I just did not want to do. How many of you are still punishing yourself by saying yes when you want to say NO?

I started making better food choices, drinking more water. Moving more. When I tore my meniscus and had to get physical therapy, I realized just how important stretching and strength exercises are. You don't have to go to the gym or purchase expensive equipment. You can walk and stretch and get great results.

When you practice supreme self-care you are putting Your "Self: first. You are doing the things that you really want to do. You don't feel guilty when you put you on your "to-to" list. When is the last time you just stayed in bed until you felt like getting up? You did not worry about cooking dinner or doing the dishes, or the dirty clothes or taking the children to yet another event? That is a whole other topic. These children with schedules like they are Corporate CEO's

Practicing self-care is when you speak up more. You don't muzzle yourself. You say what you need to say when you need to say it. I am not talking about being rude...but I mean you don't stifle yourself when you have an idea, opinion or suggestion.

It is time out for shrinking yourself. Walking around here all stressed out because, you stay in situations that no longer serve you, you hang around people who get on all your nerves and just drain the energy out of you. And yes, you put your self-maintenance way down the list. I hope this post reminds you that self-care is all about taking care of YOU. All of you!!

I asked this question to several ladies a while back and this is what I got.

  • Self Care is maintaining health via working out Monday-Friday (Linda)

  • Self-Care is understanding that in order to care for others I need to take care of me too. Eat right, sleep, work out (Laura Ann)

  • Self-Care is taking a self day each week and saying no without guilt ( Latishia)

  • Self-Care is checking in with myself on a daily basis. Down time to decompress. Do something I enjoy. Taking care of my health. Connecting with people and things that nourish my soul. Also make sure I'm giving back (Jacqui)

  • Self Care is taking action to improve my health first, then you can do for others. Self-care first. (Judy)

I would love to hear from you and how you are practicing self-care these days.

Sending you lots of love and light!!!


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