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Retreat, Relax and Rejuvenate

Good Morning Dreamers,

This is my mood and plan for today. Getting ready to shower and put on comfy clothes and read. Today is one of those days when I feel the need to shut down. It started yesterday. Nothing wrong, and no Covid-19 meltdown. This time I am retreating to prepare for the rest of the year. You know we will be moving into a new month soon and all of those plans that we made in January have had to be changed. At least mine did. So now I am taking the time to think about what I really want to do for the rest of this year. I already know there will be changes.

That was a post from my Facebook Group Confident Woman Dreamlife. My need to retreat started on Friday. As we continue with the quarantine, more and more of my plans for 2020 have had to be postponed or cancelled altogether. It makes me a little sad because for once I had taken stuff out of my head and actually planned it out and wrote it down. That has been one of my problems or shortcomings--I keep stuff in my head. I don't plan as well as I should before implementing. So one of my 2020 goals was to get if from my head and on paper. I was rocking and rolling...and then the Corona Virus made its appearance and my plans went down the tube.

Some things can be rescheduled, but some things can't and for that I am a little sad. So I decided to retreat Friday and Saturday to just reflect on the plans that I made waaaay back in 2019. (:)) Were there things that I still wanted to do? Did I have the same goals? After living through the devastation of the Corona Virus was any of it still important to me? On Friday I shed some tears (when did I become such a wimp?) lol. Then I read my Bible. ( I have been spending more time with my word during this) and then I put on some music with no words. Mainly Bach and other classical type music. At one point I was playing the same type of music they play during my massages and facials. Boy, I can't wait to schedule a Spa day!

After a long conversation with a trusted friend, I decided that some of the plans and goals I made back in January were no longer relevant to the direction I wanted to go for the rest of the year. I created a new list of goals. Living during this time has made me realize what is important to me at this time of my life. Before the quarantine, I don't think I would have taken two whole days to retreat and reflect. I would have been anxious that I was missing out on something somewhere. I have definitely learned to be more patient.

As we move forward, do you need to revisit your 2020 goals? Are there things you need to change? Are there some things that just don't matter in the grand scheme of things? Don't be afraid to retreat and reflect on just what is important to you.

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