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Peace, Be Still

There is so much vying for our attention these days. It is constant, nonstop. We have our cellphones glued to our hands. Our fingers moving rapidly across the keypad as we send out texts, Our fingers swiping left, right, up, down. We can't go a few minutes without checking our FB, Twitter or IG accounts. There is always a watch party, FB live, Periscope or something going on. Our notifications are dinging constantly. Somebody is always available to sell you the next coaching, branding, marketing, e-class, workshop. In 6 weeks or less you will be making 6 figures, you will leave your job, start your own business, live your best life, be a better wife, mother,friend etc.

Now don't get me wrong there is validity in some of these claims. ( I know because I have some floating around out there myself. (shameless plug) There are some very smart people sharing some very valuable information. The problem is there are so many voices coming at you that it can become overwhelming. They all sound like such deals, such good info. The free downloads are enticing and you don't even hesitate to give your email address to get the coveted download. It is a never ending cycle. The problem is not that the information is not good. It's just not good for you now. I know, I know. I was there. I know I have killed a few trees printing off my freebies. I was listening to podcasts, webinars, zoom classes, speaker after speaker. I joined challenges, online groups etc. It was hectic and I was overwhelmed trying to keep up. I had piles of paper stacked up in my home. I was trying this process, this technique, this system, from this person and that person. I had become an information gatherer--but I was not implementing. Heck, who had the time? I was busy getting all this free info that was just too good to be true.

But, one day I had a conversation with myself. "Self, do you really think all of this is necessary? Do you really need twelve social media content planners?" The answer was no, of course not. and I didn't really need most of the paper in the piles I had stacked up. I had to use tough love on myself. I admit I am a paper junkie. I love paper. I have so many tablets, journals, legal pads (another story)As hard as it was, I made the decision to give it up. To get myself together. The first thing I did was make the decision not to share my email for another free download. Then I sat down to think about just what information I really needed, just who I was interested in learning more from. Who was talking what I needed to hear at this time? I wrote down a few names on a sheet of paper. After that I started cleaning up my emails. I unsubscribed from the many email lists I apparently was on. I went through my stacks and tossed mounds of paper away. (sorry trees). I often had 2 and 3 copies of the same content. Then I went through and actually read what I had left. There was some really good stuff, and I actually started to implement the information. I set up a binder and a filing system. There was some stuff that I could used at a later time. I made the decision to only follow and listen to the people who had the information that pertained to me right now.

Since I made that decision I have felt so much better. No longer overwhelmed. I also added more quiet time to my day and evening. No screens allowed. During that time of feeling overwhelmed I was looking at my phone first thing in the morning. Before getting out of bed I checked FB and IG. before going to bed I checked FB and IG. And I often wondered why I was always on 10. I was overstimulated. I was anxious over other people's issues and concerns. It was just too much. Time out. I made some changes. Now I don't check social media first thing or lastly. I don't check my phone every hour. I used to talk to certain people in the morning on my way to work. I had to stop that too. They were too draining. My changes have been the best thing for me. I used to hear people say that they took a social media break and I would look at them like they were crazy. But I get it now. I really do. Sometimes you need to disconnect and just be still. There is such a peace that comes with it.

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