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Living Life Single - What I Miss About Being Part of A Couple

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Two years of living single and I have found my groove.. I have a routine and activities that fit in with my new lifestyle. I have some new friends to go along with my old friends. Single people can do things that married can't do. As a married woman there are family obligations. As a single woman you are free to make spur of the moment decisions on things without having to worry about your mate.

.While I am enjoying single life right now I always feel like I should write a disclaimer every time I write something from my Living Life Single series. I always get email, text and phone calls from friends who are calling to "see how I am doing" I wonder if they truly believe me when I tell them that I am fine and actually enjoying this time in my life. Yes, I am enjoying my single life but, .. there are some things that I do miss about being a part of a couple. After 22 years of marriage I became accustomed to being part of a pair and some things were just assumed, you know what I mean?

As part of a couple I didn't have to worry about that plus one. I always had a built in date for whatever affair was happening. I also knew that we would be spending the holidays together. It might have been just the two of us, or we might have hung out with family and friends.. Whatever we did it was going to be together. We had some traditions that we did every year. Like hosting family dinner for Thanksgiving and going south and spending Christmas with my family. The first year I went home solo was a little different. But I have started a new tradition and now I go home earlier in the month and spend a longer time there. Now I am all about starting new traditions.

As part of a couple you know that your mate is either at home when you get there or will be coming in soon. You have someone to share the things that went on during the day. You have another person in the house making noise. Sometimes it is just so quiet in the house.

For me I used to be a chicken little. Every little bump or creak would startle me . It was a joke between us. Now when the house settles and the creaks come I don't jump as much. I have gotten used to my night time noises. I have become braver since I have become single. I used to hate bad weather and did not like thunder, lightening and the sirens that would go off announcing tornadoes. Well I have become a bad weather expert. I know which room in my house I will go to in case of a tornado. I have my bad weather bag ready. It has candles, flashlights, batteries, a blanket, extra cords for my phone, my Kindle, some magazines and bottles of water and some snacks. You never know if you will lose power or just how long you will be stuck in your safe place.

As part of a couple you have a certain security. You know that that person is in your corner.. That person is there for you. If you get sick or have any issues, problems or concerns you can call them no matter how early or how late or what they might be doing it is okay to call them.

Living alone has many advantages I am finding out, but this blog is about what I miss about being part of a couple. I think I am going to enjoy writing my Living Life Single Series. Hopefully, you will be going on the journey with me. Stay tuned for more living life single posts.

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