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Like, follow, stay,'s your choice

Not too very long ago, I used to check my social media posts all of the time, looking for likes, hearts, comments; any kind of interaction. I was a little obsessed, (okay a lot) with the number of Facebook and Instagram followers I had. I wanted that almighty interaction. If a certain picture or post didn't get what I thought was a certain amount of activity I would wonder why. I would ponder over what it was about the picture or comment that people didn't like. I would look at other people and count their followers, the interaction they received on their stuff and wonder what was wrong with my stuff. Why didn't I get that kind of social media love?

And then one day I just didn't care anymore. It was subtle. I didn't even realize that after I posted, I didn't check the post for results five minutes later and I didn't check constantly throughout the day. I said what I had to say, and went on about my business. That was the day I guess I became liberated. I became free to post what I felt, and what I wanted to communicate. It was no longer "let me post what I think they want to read."or "let me post what they expect to hear from me" Once I started doing that it seemed like my social media turned around. People started liking my comments, liking my pictures, sharing my posts, visiting my pages. And I figured out why. It was because when I really decided to be myself and post what I wanted to post, not what I thought was expected, I became true to me. And my people must have sensed that. My voice was finally being heard.

Often we get too consumed with what "they" think. If I like this post what will people think. If I share this post what will people think. If I write this what will people think? I actually know people who agonize over social media. They take it way too seriously. One lady feels that if she misses saying happy birthday to her Facebook friends that she can't go back on Facebook until she has the time. She really thinks that people know or care that she didn't say happy birthday. So you might get a happy birthday from her in June when your birthday was April. Another lady takes every post super seriously. If a person shares a particular type post she assumes it is something they are going through. I have gotten text messages or phone calls from her asking if I am okay after a post. I assure her that every post is not about me or what I am going through. It's crazy and just too much. Too much of what is on social media is false anyway. We usually just put on the good stuff. The picture with just the right light and angle. All of the celebrations. Like I said...the good stuff. Very few people share the good, the bad and the ugly. Now don't get me wrong, there are some who do, and I admire them soooo much. They don't wait until they are all made up to share a Facebook live. If they have something that is of value they come on with it. They don't just tell you about the good that is going on, they share the failures also. And I love it!

So let me talk about my title. Like, follow, stay, go. It means that I used to be upset when somebody unfriended or unfollowed me. Remember I was all about the numbers. And every new follower or friend made me feel good. But, I soon got tired of the up and down trend of my numbers. if I used a certain hashtag I might get some new followers, but it seemed a few days later the numbers were down again. They were up and down and all over the place and I decided that I was no longer going to run myself crazy being concerned. It means that I am good with the organic growth of my social media. The people who follow me are there because they want to be. They want to hear what I have to share. They want to see the articles I post, the motivation I share and even the tons of selfies I post. (smiley face) I am going to be true to me. I am going to say what I want to say, post what I want to post, like what I want to like and come on FB with or without makeup. The people who are right for me and my message will continue to follow me. And that is what my title like, follow, stay, go is all about. I will be true to me and I suggest you be true to you too! As they say, your tribe will find and follow you.

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