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  • Roxanne Charles

Life is Meant to Be Lived!

Life is full of beautiful, unexpected triumphs and trials but you have to get to them.

Women are forced to contend with so many things, just to L.I.V.E. -

  • in business

  • in the workplace

  • in relationships

  • in family matters

It can be exhausting!

I saw a post floating around on social media recently and thought…how appropriate!

“Practice addressing things in the Spirt first. You won’t have to Pray so hard later”

It is our right and responsibility to live to the fullest extent possible - along the journey to doing so- things will come up, things that will make you say



“Well I’ll be damm!..”

Sis, allow me to gift you with my 3C’s for leaning into this journey to live your best life, do great sh*t and not loose your sanity in the process. These are my 3 simple non-negotiable, tried and true principles that chart my course.

Class (n.)

Folx will try you! They’ll try to be sly like a fox, hitting that nerve deep down under your wisdom tooth, ugh! potentially triggering a hell-storm of all types of things. When that happens - because it undoubtedly will - keep it classy.

Respond in a way that the “triggered you” will be proud of when the “in the moment you” comes too.

Read. That. Again.

Conviction (n.)

Establish what’s important to you and why then be unrelenting and unapologetic about it.

On this journey you will encounter a lot of sh*t masquerading as shiny, new, fresh, delicious things.

Allow your convictions to dictate your actions not your emotions.

Write. That. Down.

Confidence (n.)

Can't nobody dictate to you the life you want to live. Shoulders back, head up with your favorite pumps, lipcolor and fierce walk..every single day be intentional about constructing the life you deserve.

That’s a life of happiness whatever you define that to be.

That’s a life of fulfillment whatever you define that to be.

That’s a life of authenticity whatever you define that to be.

You teach people how to treat you. Every interaction is a lesson in such.


Life is beautiful, sometimes to recognize the beauty in the belly of the beast of life you have to clear the fog.

Lean into the 3C’s - Class, Conviction and Confidence - to live your best life and do great sh*t. One thing for sure, two things for sure, you assuredly have full authority over is how you respond to the “poo”. It may be time to put folx on notice. Class is in session.

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MASTER STRATEGIST & CONSULTANT I help leaders and entrepreneurs do great shit!

Lean strategist, nonprofit leader and strategic growth catalyst, Roxanne brings proven success strategies of highly successful, productive, and visible game changers in the marketplace to entrepreneurs and small businesses ready to emerge in their markets. For more than 15-years small and micro size businesses, including service-based providers, educational institutions and associations have utilized her signature systems and processes to start, grow and thrive in their businesses, to increase net profits, expand their reach and grow their focus areas.

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