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Just Do You

Updated: Oct 12, 2020

My tips to living your life on your terms

Photo by: Darryl Hammond

"Do you"...Often people throw those words around freely. Just do you. I have been known to do so too. Not only do I say it to other people, but I tell myself those words too. "Just do you" Easy to say. Might not be as easy to do sometimes.

Just doing you means that you are free to be you. Like what you like. Do what you want, say what you want and act how you wish. It means that you are not tied down to what other people want you to do. It means that you don't always act how "they" expect you to act. There is a freedom that comes with "doing you"

I know this might be hard to do if you are not used to being so free. If you are used to doing what is expected of you, then "doing you" might be hard. is not impossible. You can start "doing you" today.

Try the steps listed below. It should jumpstart you on living your life just "Doing You"

Step 1.

It 's okay to not be Okay. You won't feel 100% everyday. There will be some days when you don't feel like being on. When you feel out of sorts and you don't know why. There will be days when you don't feel at peace. When you are overwhelmed. When you are tired. When you are impatient. Whatever it is you are feeling...It's okay. Honor those feelings and do what you need to do to get yourself back to 100% When I find myself in that place, I like to do solo things. I might nap. Meditate. Go for a walk. Read. Do nothing. Whatever makes you feel that.

Step 2.

Allow yourself to feel what you feel. This goes right along with the step before. Often we find ourselves feeling guilty when we are having one of those days. And instead of taking the time to take care of ourselves, we push past the off feelings. We find our selves becoming more impatient, more overwhelmed, more resentful. All of those negative feelings that we don't want to be a part of our life. When you feel off, do what you need to do. Own the feeling and move on.

Step 3.

Self-Care First. Self-care is not a luxury. It is your responsibility to practice self-care. Every day you should do something for you. Even if you have a spouse, children, and a ton of responsibilities, especially if you have those things, you need to practice self care.

Step 4.

Stop putting off until tomorrow. Tomorrow is not promised. Stop that practice of putting things off. There will never be perfect circumstances. So you might as well go ahead and do it now.

Step 5.

Do what's best for you.. Not your spouse, not your kids, not your parents. But you. Every decision, every action can't be about other people.

Step 6.

Stop putting you last. That's it right there .If you would stop putting you last on your list you would not have to worry about the previous items. When you put yourself first you .are not being selfish. Stop feeling guilty. Stop thinking that it is noble, Christian and whatever else you think it is when you put you last.

Remember that message they give you when you fly? Put your own oxygen mask on first. Well same thing here. If you are overwhelmed. out of sorts, rushed. etc. you can't be doing a good job of taking care of your responsibilities. You might think you are...but believe me. You're not.

I hope that you are ready to put you on your list.

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