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It is Time to Say "Yes" to You

Hey Everybody,

It has been quite a while since I have written anything here. I took a break. I had to step away for a while to just think about the direction I wanted to go in, and the messages I wanted to continue to share.

I took some time to just think about my life and how much things had changed and actually how much I had changed. We need to do that from time to time. I found out that some things that I thought I wanted, I no longer wanted. Some things I thought were so important, were no longer important and some things that I didn't know that I wanted or needed have suddenly become very important to me.

We change and become different women as life goes on. And our needs and wants change. We have to be open to going with the flow. Being flexible and making the needed changes.

While I was away thinking, one thing I noticed remained the same. There are still a lot of lovely women out there who still have a problem saying "yes" to themselves. They say yes to others, but when it comes to them, it is just not as easy..

So, I decided that my first blog post back would be about saying "yes" to you! That is one area that I don't have a problem with. :)

But to some women, it is hard to say no to other people and their requests. If they say no, they feel selfish, they feel like they have let someone down. They feel guilty. These are some of the answers I have been given. Wrong answer.!

When you say yes to other people you are saying no to you! You are saying no to the things that you want to do for you. You are often saying no to the things that you should be doing for you. I know women who have cancelled doctor's appointments, important meetings, dates, to accommodate someone else.

If I had my pearls on today I would be clutching them.! It is time out for letting other people and their priorities take firs place in your life like that. It is time to say "yes" to you sis.

It is time to say yes to spending the time you need to do the things that you want to do for you. It is time to take the time for self-care. It is time to say yes to focus on your goals, your priorities. It is time to focus on those things that are good for you and good to you.

It is time to say yes to you without apologizing for doing so.

Here are three things that you can do this week to say "yes" to you. I would love for you to let me know which one(s) you do.

  1. Say yes to "me" time (Decide to spend at least 30 minutes doing something you want to do)

  2. Say yes to not apologizing if you have to say no to someone

  3. Say yes to doing something new, that you have wanted to do, but just didn't

  4. Say yes to doing something that you have been afraid to do

  5. Say yes to doing something that takes you out of your comfort zone

  6. Say yes to doing something that makes you laugh

  7. Say yes to loving you just as you are right now. All of you!

If you have not done so already, join my Fierce Fabulous Real WOMAN Facebook group

Photo Credit: Darryl Hammond

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