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If I were you...

Updated: Oct 5, 2019

If I were you I wouldn't do that. If I were you I wouldn't take that mess. Girl if I were you...

How many times have you been told that? There is always somebody in your circle of friends or a family member who is always ready to say those words. Usually it is the same person each time. They are quick to tell you what they wouldn't do in a particular situation, who they wouldn't take any mess from and basically how you should act at any given time. They just presume that what you are doing is the wrong thing, the wrong way to handle it. They are always ready to criticize how you handle your children, your man, your job. Anything. Everything.

What I have found over the years is that some of the same people who are so quick to give you advice or judge you, are the same people who will do, have done, or are doing the very thing they are advising you not to do.

Often we find ourselves acting out of character because we are trying to prove a point. We don't want to be thought of as a wuss, wimp, fool. We don't want people to think down about us or laugh at us. So we try to act how we think they would want us. We try not to do the things that they said they wouldn't do. We do or say things that we don't even really feel because somebody told us they wouldn't take that or do that.

Well we think too much about what people think. We should spend more time following our own thoughts. You need to consider the source when being told what somebody wouldn't do. Who is this person? What kind of life are they living? What is their track record? How are they qualified to tell you what you should or should not be doing? Why are they always Johnny on the spot to criticize and advise you?

You know I always have an example for you from my life. lol. So, years ago I was having some issues with my guy. I would share information with a girlfriend at the time. Every argument we had I would share. She was always saying how she wouldn't take that, and wouldn't deal with his mess etc. One day she convinced me to move out. She helped me move my things. And what happened next was a shocker. She started dating MY MAN. Like that same evening after helping me move out. The one she said she wouldn't take his mess. Well really now.

Moral of this story, don't let anybody tell you what they wouldn't take or what they wouldn't do. Remember to consider the source when people are giving you advice and always make your own decisions.

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