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I have decided to stop living like a hoarder

This week I decided that enough was enough...Really this time. I'm serious. I know I have said it too many times. And each time I said it, I really meant it. I went through my stuff, gave away some things and life was good. But somehow I am back at that place again. I have too much stuff.

But something happened this week. The feeling was so strong. Maybe it was when I tripped over the pile of shoes in the hallway that I had been meaning to go through and pack up for the goodwill, or maybe it was when I couldn't find my flash drive that has all of my information on it, or it could be when I had to make a special effort to move the stuff in my car so a friend could get in. Whatever sparked this new attitude, I am so glad it did. I am just sick and tired of the stuff.

I mean, I look around my house and there is stuff. I look in my car and there is stuff. I look around my office and there is stuff. It all starts out innocently. I hold on to something, because I know somebody who could use it. And then they don't come pick it up and it is just there. I also hate to get rid of things. I can always think of another use for it. But what I need to realize is that it does not have to be me who uses it. Somebody else could be enjoying the things that I hold on to, not really loving them, but hearing my grandmother's voice saying. "Don't waste that" or "There is still good use for that".

I don't know about your grands, but mine were big on getting all of the use out of an item. I remember the time I threw my son's old gym shoes away. They were torn. The shoe ripped completely from the sole. My grandfather took them out of the garbage and sewed them. My son was horrified and cried because he thought I was going to make him wear them. I didn't. Both of my grandmothers used old clothing to make quilts. So now you know why I sometimes hold on to stuff too long.

But this week the tide has turned. I feel so free as I have been packing the bags to give away. I love my new mantra. Everything must have a place. I need to stop shopping. My whole closet fell. It came right out of the wall y'all. I am still dealing with that. What I discovered is that I have 5 pair of black skinny jeans. They still had the tags on them. I didn't even know because there was so much stuff hanging in there.

I know this won't be a quick project. I am going through every clothing item, every paper stack, every hair, makeup, skincare product. And giving them all a new home. Away from my home.

There are many tips out there on decluttering. Here are the three I went with this time.

1. Pick a time. I actually put a day and time that I will spend on clearing the clutter. This is going to take a few weeks. Don't judge me. lol. Each week in my planner, I have chosen two days that I will work on clutter. I set my timer. I stop when the timer goes off. This way I don't feel guilty when I stop, and I actually feel like I have accomplished something.

2. Choose a number. On the other days that are not actual declutter days, I choose a number. Like today I am going to get rid of five items. Then whether it is five items of clothes, or five sheets of paper, I make the decision on whether I am keeping it. If so, it has to have a home. Remember everything needs a place. If I don't want it, then I toss it in the garbage or the giveaway bag.

3. Get a bag. I have a bag by the door that I put the things I don't want in. Then when I leave the house, I take the bag with me. That way I can drop it off at the Goodwill.

Just because an item, is new, like new, useful, in style etc. does not mean that you need to keep it. If you are not using it and it is just using up space, get rid of it. Give it to someone else to enjoy.

Below are my favorite places to donate.

St. Vincent de Paul

- 7010 W. 159th St. - Orland Park, IL


- 15626 S. 94th Ave - Orland Park, IL

Nu 2 U Resale

- 17010 Oak Park Ave. - Tinley Park, IL

Half Price Books

-31 Orland Square Drive - Orland Park, IL

Photo by Onur Bahçıvancılar on Unsplash

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