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I Don't Trust Women

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I don't fool with women...Women are so can't trust women...Girl be careful, You know women are a hot mess. I have heard those words so many times in my life. Heck, I have spoken those words many times in my life. You see at one time in my life I experienced some serious hurt at the hands of those I called my friend. I have been lied on by a "friend." I have been talked about by a "friend." I have had a "friend" cheat with my man. So yep for a long time I did not believe in the power of friendships with other women. I just didn't trust them.

But over the years all of that changed. What changed was me. I decided to let my guard down and trust. I decided to give the women that came into my life a chance. Yes, it was scary. But I did it anyway and you know what?

It was the very best thing that I have ever done. Once I let my guard down and opened my heart I found some of the very best things in my life. My sister friends. I mean I have some supportive there when I need them type of friends. I also have some very special friendships with women who are not necessarily my Johnny on the spot friend, but who are in my circle of women who appreciate and support on a different level.

I have counseled many women who have been hurt by someone they thought was a friend and it has turned them off. They have hardened their hearts and they expect the worst. I am the opposite these days. I expect the best and it is only when you prove me wrong that I cut you off.

Since I made the decision to be a friend to other women it seems like I always meet some awesome women. It feels good to be in their presence. If you are like I was and just didn't trust other women, let me give you a tip...give it a chance. I think you will be pleasantly surprised when you have an open mind. . I think your circle of friends will increase. I think you will find women who are supportive, caring and who really want you to succeed.

Now I am not saying to walk blindly into a situation and to just accept anything for the sake of having a female friend. . I am saying to go into a situation being open to friendship and all of the wonderful things that come with it..

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