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How I overcame Social Media burnout during COVID-19

Ever since we have been sheltering in place and quarantining at home, social media has been buzzing. People have found very creative ways to get their messages to us virtually. Me included. I have been spending more time posting messages to my FB and IG followers too. It just makes sense that since our customers can't come to us, we better do something to keep us in their minds right? But it can become too overwhelming. And certainly time consuming.

On my job we are working remotely. That means there are all-staff zoom meetings. team meetings, managers meetings, and countless other telephone conferences to touch base and stay connected. Plus, my FB and IG accounts are just full of all kind of offerings. There are workshops, video classes, trainings for this and trainings for that, exercise classes, church services, house parties, sista chats, name it and we have found a way to do it virtually. This is again all fine and dandy EXCEPT it is too much.

At least for me it had become too much for me to handle. And that is because I want to support everyone and I don't want to miss out on something important that I might need. This has caused me to sign up for every free offering that comes across my page. I attend the virtual parties, attend virtual classes, listen to the messages, whatever, when I can. And it has worn me out. My brain is fried. I just can't do it anymore.

When I found myself not even wanting to get on social media I knew something had to give. If you know me then you know I love social media. I love FB and IG. And for me to not want to be bothered was a tell-tell sign that I was over it. After a day or so of not connecting I came up with a way for me to be sane and to stop feeling burned out and overwhelmed.

First of all I decided that every free offer was not always the right offer for me! Once I made that decision, it was easier. Now I am strategic about who or what I listen to. If it is in line with the direction I am going in, and there is value for me, then I will listen to the webinar, podcast, FB live. if it is a friend that I support, then of course I am there. But, we have to be careful that we don't pass out on information overload. I am guilty of being an information gatherer. The problem is I gather so much information that I could never put it all to use.

I suggest that if you are feeling social media burnout, that you take a few minutes to evaluate the messages that you are taking in. You don't need every content planner that comes across your timeline. You can't coach with every coach that has an offer. You can't take every virtual class that is scheduled on your timeline. Turn those notifications off. You don't need to be notified every time somebody goes live.

Determine who you are going to listen to, then listen to them. Everybody's message is not the message for you. Every body's way of doing things is not the way for you to go. Believe me, it is so much better when you have a plan and you follow that plan. Give your brain a break. I did and I feel so much more productive these days. Now I know exactly who I am going to follow, listen to and hang out with virtually. Give it a try. Your brain will thank you.

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