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How commanding your morning can keep you grounded all day

Having a morning routine sets the tone for our day. It helps us to control our day and not let our day control us. With a routine we can start each day fresh and not stressed out over what we need to do. It is easier to focus on the things that need to be done. If you don't start your morning off right, your whole day can be off, and if not the whole day, then definitely the first few hours. Well at least it is with me. If I mess up my morning routine, I just feel a little unorganized and overwhelmed; Like something is missing. So for me it is important that I have a morning routine that gets and keeps me grounded all day.

A couple of days last week my routine was off. Because of the whole being at home thing, I went to bed really late and woke up late. I had a telephone conference, so I didn't follow my routine and things happened that shook me. I could not get my groove. I was easily frustrated and out of sorts. I felt rushed and overwhelmed as I went about my daily duties. Because having a morning routine works so well for me, I wanted to share here with you the things I do to get my day started.

Upon waking up, the first thing I do is thank God for waking me up and for watching over me during the night. We all know that things can happen during the night even in the safety of our home. Often this is done before I even open my eyes. Then I just lay still and take some deep breaths. Sometimes I find myself smiling. I have so much to be grateful for that often I can't stop smiling. Then when I'm ready, I open my curtains. I love natural sunlight. And if the sun is shining brightly, it is a plus.

I have the Bible app on my phone and I have Bible plans stored. I read the daily reading and depending on the message, I might write down some notes to reflect on later in the day. I play an upbeat praise song that I sing along to. Depending on my mood I can get pretty happy. I wonder if my neighbors can hear me? After the praise portion of my devotion, I slow it down with a worship song. During this time I am thinking of the things I want to pray about. I might write down some prayer requests. When it is time for me to pray, some days I write my prayers in my prayer journal and some days I speak them out loud. Then I just sit still until I feel ready to start my day.

Just doing this every morning gives me a sense of peace and then I am ready to start my day. If I oversleep, or for whatever reason I don't have the time to follow these steps, I just feel off all day. I usually work from a "to do" list. It gives me a sense of satisfaction to cross items off as I complete them. These are little things but they keep me grounded. Especially in these uncertain times. Having a routine is good for me. Some new things I have started doing is to schedule times for prayer. I set alarms on my phone two times a day. I also practice gratitude more now. When even something small happens in my favor I appreciate it. I don't take things for granted now like I used to.

Commanding my morning allows me time to set my intentions for the day. It gives me an opportunity to decide what it is I want to do, but also what it is that I need to do. It keeps me in line so that I am not just willy-nilly doing things. But that I have a purpose for the things I am doing. My morning routine slows me down, keeps me at peace and stops me from running around like a chicken with its head cut off.

If you don't have a routine that allows you to sit still and get grounded I suggest you create one. It doesn't have to be long or complicated. Just whatever you want to do that will allow you to start your day off in peace.

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