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Girl, Stop Making Excuses

Girl, stop making excuses. Hey, if you thought I was talking to you, well I was. But it was the conversation that I had with myself this week. You see, I almost turned down some opportunities because I was making excuses.

I know how easy it is to do it. I have these conversations with myself all the time. But just like I talked myself through it, that is what I am urging you to do.

We make excuses when we are afraid or uncomfortable about something. When we have to step out of our comfort zone, it is easy to just make an excuse and not do it. Easy to see the negative side and not the positive side.

I know. Just this week, I almost did the same thing. I had two speaking opportunities, and I almost turned them down. Why? you might be asking. Because I was making excuses because the situation was not going to be ideal. Was not going to be perfect.

You know what I mean don't you? Because how often do you wait for the perfect time or situation to act or react? And how often do you find out that the perfect time never happens. And that you have missed out.

We gotta stop doing that. When opportunities come to us, we have to act. And that is what I did this week. I told myself to get over it and do what I needed to do. Conversation went something like this>

Me: I really want to do it...but I will be at work

Also Me: Okay...what does that mean? You can take your lunch at that time

Me: But I will be in work attire. I will be in the office. What if somebody needs me?

Also Me: Okay and... Those are all just excuses you are making

Me...You're right

So what did I do? I did both opportunities and I had a great time.

What I am telling you is that you need to stop making excuses when opportunities are presented to you. Whatever you tell yourself on why you can't do it. Change your conversation. and tell yourself why you can't miss out on this opportunity. Why you are going to be successful. Why you can't afford to wait until "next" time. You know there might not be a next time. Do it now!

What I can tell you is that if you keep turning down opportunities, they soon stop coming to you. You don't want that to happen.

Girl, stop making excuses!

Photo: Felicia T. Simpson

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