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Don't let the holidays make you crazy

This is my favorite time of the year. Well, let me clarify that. This is my favorite holiday. The cold Chicago weather I can do without. But I do love the Christmas season. I love the decorations, the smells, the music. As soon as Thanksgiving is over and I hear the first Christmas song I am in the holiday spirit. Even as a child I loved Christmas. I can remember singing Christmas songs during Christmas programs at school and also I remember the year I played Mary in our Christmas play for Midnight Mass.

I was the nosey kid who always got into trouble because I would be snooping for our toys before Christmas Day. Our family tradition was to get up early on Christmas morning and open our presents, then have breakfast. We played with our toys while my mother finished her dinner,. My dad would sit in the kitchen while she cooked. Then we would have dinner. It was a cozy family day. I continued the tradition of waking up early even when there were no children in the home.

Once my grandsons were born I started spending Christmas with my son and his family. So yes, this is my special time of the year. The time when I know I will be traveling south to be with family and friends. We still open presents early on Christmas morning, except I usually have to wake my grandsons up. Why am I up by 7:00 am and those lazybones are snoring? Yes, I love Christmas!!!

Some people are not as enthusiastic about this time of year. For some people the holiday means work. They will be cooking and cleaning for the house guests they will have. For some, instead of this being a joyful time they are concerned with cleaning and shopping and cooking. Some people dread the family gatherings because of the confusion that may happen when the family gets together. Below I share a few tips to help make the holiday season more enjoyable.

Holiday Tips

Have a budget - Have a dollar amount set for your Christmas shopping. Too many of us overspend during this time.

Don't overcommit - There will be lots of parties, and events going on. Don't try to attend everything. Decide on the ones that you really want to attend and say no to the others.

Avoid the crowds - Do your shopping at off peak times. You know that Saturday and Sunday is going to be hectic. Choose days and times when the stores won't be as busy.

Practice patience - When you find yourself in a long line, make the best of it. There is no need in getting upset Use that time to check email. FB or IG on your phone.

Ask for help - Don't try to do it all. Ask for any help you need with the cleaning, cooking, shopping.

Avoid family drama - We all have people in our family who rub us the wrong way. There are some people who rub everybody the wrong way. Our "difficult" relative. They talk too much, too loud, get in everyone's business, drink too much. If possible avoid any interaction with this relative that might turn confrontational. If you see the conversation heading in that direction, remove yourself and don't engage.

Relax - Make sure you schedule down time. Do the things that you want to do. Watch a movie, journal, read a book. take a nap

Remember what this season is all about - This season is about love. It is a time for spending with family and friends being thankful and grateful for all of your blessings.

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