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Don't let someone else's good enough stop you

How many of us are settling? Not really playing at our optimal level. We can do more... but we don't. We are we think. Our friends tell us we are good, that we have it going on. Our family tells us we are good, that we are doing it. People are impressed with the things they see us doing because where we are, is where they want to be. What we have accomplished may be goals for someone else. But you know that you want more. You know that you can do more. You know that you are staying in the comfort zone. You can't keep playing small and expect big things to happen. You can't do the minimum and expect the most. You can't rest on your past successes. You can't let other people's goals keep you playing small.

Sometimes I think we settle for less than we deserve. Less than we want. I think some of this comes from laziness. We don't want to work for it. We just want it to fall in our laps. Part of it comes from fear. We are afraid of the work we have to put in. We are afraid of what will happen when we succeed. We are afraid of what people will say when we go after more than they think we need. After all if they already think we have it going on, what will they think if we continue to work. Will they think we are greedy? But mostly I think we have become complacent. Yep, I said it. We have gotten to a certain level and we know we can do more, but the people around us have us thinking that we don't need to do more. That we have arrived and after all what is the point in doing more?

I have had people to laugh at me when I say that I want to lose a certain amount of weight. They would say "girl you look fine" "why are you trying to lose that?" "I wish I was your size" and things like that. I have been guilty of trying to discourage a friend from exercising. She already had a flat stomach and a cute figure. She was consistent in her fitness routine and watched what she ate. I wished that I was her size and I used to tell her all the time. "Girl, you look good. You don't need to exercise so much. Eat. I wish I was your size" There it is. Because I would have been happy to be her size (my goal) it was not her goal. She had a goal size, and look in mind.

That is what some of us are up against. We let other people talk us out of our goals. Just because where we are is good enough for them, it may not be good enough for us. We may be at a goal for someone else, but it's not where we want to be. It is not what we want to have. We have bigger and higher goals. We can't let what someone else think is the best be our best. Don't get sidetracked into thinking you should stop. No, you go all the way. never stop reaching. Never stop growing. Don't stop until you have reached your biggest goal.

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