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Don't Die In Your Comfort Zone

This week I want to take a few minutes to talk about comfort zones. Because so many of us use our comfort zones as a crutch.

We're safe in our comfort zones. We know everything in our comfort zones. We maneuver very well in our comfort zones. But do you know what else we do in our comfort zones?

We die in our comfort zones. Yep. We may feel safe, secure and like we got it going on...but our dreams are often dying while we are in our comfort zones.

We let fear stop us from stepping out there. From giving life a big hello, and a I am here World, watch out!

How many of you know you should be doing something different? You know that you're not satisfied with what's happening now in your life? You know that your dreams are not being realized?

If that's you, then you are in the right place now. Because after reading this you will make the decision to do something different. You are going to rise. Rise above your present situation and circumstances and do something different

First I want you to think about all of the areas in your life. Are you satisfied with it? Should some changes be made? Only you can say if you are satisfied or not. Often we just roll with the flow. Because it's not really that bad, other people are worse off than I am.

At least I have a job, so many people are looking for work. I'll just stay on this job where they overwork me, treat me wrong and pay me poorly. It's okay...Really. Have you had that conversation with yourself, because you are comfortable where you are? Too lazy, scared, complacent to make a move.

What other areas of your life are you making do? Relationship? Are you being treated well? Are you being taken advantage of? Are you just bored? Spiritually? Do you have a spiritual life or are you just running wild? What about your self-care? You know the areas that you have just done nothing. You have become lazy..

Stepping out of your comfort zone is all about stepping up and stepping out. Taking risks. Being bold. Following your dreams and unleashing some breakthroughs. Doing something different. Meeting new people. Are you ready? Are you excited?

I can feel the excitement. I am excited about the things happening in my life and I'm on a mission to have as many women as I can to step out of their comfort zone and move to the next level. Need a push? Feel free to reach out to me and let's get you started on a life out of your comfort zone.

Come on you can do this.

Photo: Photography is Everything

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