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Deciding is not doing

Deciding is not doing. Doing is doing. You have to decide, and then do. So what have you been "deciding" to do, but have not taken the step, taken the action to actually "do it"? How many times have you "decided" it was time to do something but found yourself in the same old spot. In the same old situation doing the same old thing?

When do you make the decision AND take the action? What's holding you back? Let me share some of the reasons over the years that I have decided, but did not actually take the action and do. Fear, lack of confidence, will power, laziness, wondering what "they" think. Does any of these ring a bell with you? Are you still sitting back, have made the decision, but have not made the move to "do"?

I know, it can be tough. You want to do it, but you don't. Sometimes you even get started...then you stop and never complete whatever it is. So let me share my tips on how I put some action to my decisions whenever I get stuck. Hopefully they will help you out of that deciding, but not doing stage.

Fear - when I am afraid for whatever reason over a decision I have made, I think about all of the things that could happen if I do it. If none of those things will hurt me or someone else, will land me in jail or some other dangerous situation, then I make up my mind to do it afraid. I just step out of my comfort zone and go for it. If it fails, at least I have learned what not to do next time.

Lack of confidence - There were times in my life when I did not do something because I didn't think I was good enough or knew enough. I looked at what other people were doing and decided that I could not do it as well as they were. My solution to that? Stop looking at what other people are doing. lol. Naw, just kidding, but I did stop comparing myself to them. I stopped comparing my journey to their journey. Comparison will keep you stuck. (but that is a whole other blog post)

Laziness - Just plain being lazy. Looking at tv when I should be working. Making excuses when I should be working. Not getting started when I should be getting started. My solution . Just do it! Stop making excuses, stop putting it off. Get up off of your butt and get to moving. I actually make a "to do" list. I get real satisfaction when I cross something off.

What "they" think - baby this one will definitely stop you from doing it. When you worry about what "they" think, you will not move. What I want to know is who is "they" and why do we care so much about what "they" think? If "they" are not paying your bills then "they" don't really matter.

Honey, it is time out for deciding, but not doing. If any of my stumbling blocks are your stumbling blocks then hopefully my tips will help you to get it moving, because you really need to take action after you decide it is time for a change.

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