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Beware of these 3 types of people in your life

We all have people in our lives that annoy us sometimes. They just have ways or do things that get on our last nerves. It's not all of the time so we can deal with it when it happens. But there are some people that have the same personality trait and do the same annoying thing every time they come around. It is just who they are and not only does it annoy you, but it can mess with your peace of mind, aggravate your soul and put you in a bad mood if you allow it to. And to top it all, they have no interest in changing who they are.

So who are these people? Well I am glad you asked. Let's talk about them.

Person 1 - This is the person who always tries to make their emergency your emergency. . Do you know what I mean? They always have something going on in their life that needs you to stop what you are doing and come to their rescue. Big things, little things, Whatever it is, they call you and they expect you to drop what you are doing to rush to their aid. They even have the nerve to get upset if you don't jump when they call. I mean a real attitude as if you are supposed to stop your life and come fix their emergency.

Person 2 - This person is so negative that after being around them you notice that your mood is dark and you have a bad attitude. You also find yourself feeding off of their negative energy. Things that normally would not have bothered you, you find yourself finding fault with it after being around this type of person. You start doubting yourself. They are negative about everything and everybody. They love to gossip about people, the cup is always half empty with them. They see the bad in everything. Their whole outlook on life is one of negativity and finding fault.

Person 3 - This person does not support you or the things that you do. They often tease you about trying to be better than others. They tell you that you are too old, not smart enough, come from the wrong family, the wrong neighborhood, etc. They tell you these things "for your own good" They are just looking out for you. You know they don't want you to get hurt. Don't believe the hype. They mean exactly what they are saying. They don't support you. They may even be secretly envious of you.

Look at your circle...Do you have any of these people close to you? If so it is time to clean house. You do not need to have these 3 people draining on your energy or emotions. We often keep these people around us because we feel guilty or we feel a sense of responsibility. What if these people are family members, or old friends from back when we were in grade school? Maybe it is an older person, more experienced in life and we feel like they might be right. But we just don't feel good after an interaction with them. We are often mad after our interaction with them. We have doubts after an interaction with them.

You just answered your own question. Yep. let them go. Stop jumping at the next emergency. Stop being good natured and not saying anything when they tell you that you can't do something. And quit listening to their negativity. You don't need these 3 people in your life.

Make the change now!

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