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Being Alone Does Not Mean Being Lonely

This year I spent Thanksgiving Day alone. Before you start feeling sorry for me...don't. It was by choice. You see I had invitations. Four to be exact. I had the opportunity to be a part of family gatherings and even a dinner date. But this year I chose to spend that time with one of my favorite people. ME.

So often people think that being solo is a bad thing. Something to feel bad about. Something to feel sorry about. I had phone calls before the day asking what my plans were. When I responded with "I think I'm just going to stay home" there was a silence and then an invite or suggestion on what I should do. I started to give in because Thanksgiving with family and friends is fun. Last year I spent it with family in Alabama. And in previous years before we hosted the family dinner for our family and friends. But this year I just wasn't feeling it. I felt strongly the need to spend time with myself.

Once my mind was made up, I then set my plans in motion. You see we often make grand plans when we are doing for others but, when it's just us we make do. At first I was going to just make do. Eat something I had at the house or pick up some food from a restaurant the day before. But then I started to think what I would do if company was coming.

Well, I am company. I am just as important as any guest coming. I am the guest. So I treated myself as if I was a special guest. I bought groceries and cooked. I cleaned my house as if company was coming. I got dressed. I had this cute little lounging outfit. I even put on lipstick. I set a dinner time. It was two pm. And at that time I gave thanks for all of the blessings I have and I enjoyed my meal. Solo.

It was a wonderful day for me. I had an opportunity to spend time with me. I napped. I wrote in my journal. I made some plans for 2020. I read. I watched movies and I talked to some special friends on the phone. I prayed. I enjoyed my "Me" time.

Don't feel bad when you get an opportunity to be alone. Don't let people make you feel bad because you are by yourself. Use that opportunity to get to know you. To do something you have wanted to do. To relax. To pray. To create. Basically to do whatever it is you want to to. Because being alone does not mean that you are lonely.

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