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Be Ready For Your Blessing

I am always talking about blessings and being blessed. So I have a question for you. Are you prepared for your blessing?

Let's talk about it for just a few minutes. We hope for, wish for, and even pray for certain things. But when we get them we aren't ready. We can't handle it. It's too much. Because we are not prepared, we have not gotten ready. We really aren't ready to be blessed.

So let me explain...and as usual I will use me as an example. Usually something from my past will jog my memory. I always like to share the story of when I first started my girl mentoring group.

About 25 years ago. I knew nothing about starting a nonprofit. I only knew curriculum and working with the girls. I remember going after a grant that the City of Chicago had. I also knew nothing about grants. The paperwork I submitted was pitiful. I cringe now when I think of what I actually turned in. It was awful.

I wasn't prepared. Even though I prayed for it, if God had blessed me with it, I would have messed it up, because I wasn't ready. I wasn't prepared.

So like I said, we need to be prepared for our blessings. We need to be ready so that we don't have to get ready.

Whatever you are praying, dreaming, hoping for, you need to prepare for it. You need to be prepared so when it comes you can handle it.

So what is it for you? Do you want another job? What is your resume looking like? Do you have the skillset needed? Are you doing what you need to do? Are you actively job hunting or just talking?

If it's that business you want to start, have you done what you needed to do to be legit? When the customers come, are you ready to deal with them?

So take a few minutes and take inventory of you. Are you ready for your blessing when it comes?

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