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7 Simple Things You Can Do on Sunday to Have a Productive Week

Sunday is the beginning of my week. I used to see Monday as my week's beginning, but many years ago I switched it up. Now Sunday is the official start of my week. There are a few activities that I have incorporated into my schedule on Sundays. For me things work better if I have them written down in my planner. Things also seem to get done if I have a routine. I have said often I love checking things off that "to do" list that I always have nearby.

Now there are some days that I don't accomplish everything on the list. It depends on my schedule, but I definitely try to cross every item off as often as I can. I find that doing so just helps me to be more productive during the week.. It keeps me on track and allows me to know where I need to be or just what all I need to get accomplished..

Here's my list

  1. Do the laundry -It's something abut going into the new week knowing that everything is all clean and neatly folded. I love the smell of freshly washed clothes.I actually like folding the clothes when they are still warm from the dryer. I often fold while I am watching a rerun of Columbo.

  2. Pamper Me - Sunday is my day for doing my facial, and my warm soak and whatever other pampering self-care activity I decide to do. I have my candles burning and I set a timer for 20 minutes. During that time I don't talk on the phone. It is my time to just relax.

  3. Plan my outfits - Now this is pretty simple since I am working from home at this time. But I still choose what I am going to wear, even though I am home.(no pajamas all day for me) It sure beats getting up and running around looking for something to wear only to find that something you want is dirty or at the cleaners.

  4. Plan my week - I like to know what I am doing the following week, so I sit down and write out a list of all of the things I want to do that week. Sort of like a brain dump. Then I go back and decide on what day and time I want to do that activity. It keeps me from double booking myself and also making sure that I am getting things done.

  5. Reflection - I like to think about the previous week. I want to know where my time wasters were. What I accomplished. Did I meet my goals? This is a good time for me to decide if I am headed in the right direction, or if I need to make some changes to my schedule. I look through my planner for this exercise. It is color coded and I can see at a glance if I did not get enough relaxation time, or if I put in too many hours working. The colors tell all.

  6. Meal prep - I find that now that I am working from home, I actually meal prep more. It is easier to eat right when you have taken the time to prep your meals...including healthy snacks.

Like I said above, depending on my schedule, I may not be able to cross everything off the list on a given Sunday. But this is a good guideline to follow to get you started on a more productive week.

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