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2021 We Are Ready For You!

Was this year a bust? NO! We all made it through. It wasn't necessarily what we expected, and things happened that gave us all a wake up call. If we never knew how much we need to stay ahead of things in life, we definitely know now! We especially need to stay on top of necessities. What necessities? I'm glad you asked....

  1. Food - Keep emergency food around. It may not be food you eat on a daily, but non perishable food is a necessity. Keep green vegetables and as much healthy food around as you can.

  2. Herbs & Vitamins - It is very important to keep immune boosting herbs and vitamins. There are so many herbs that help boost our immune. A few must have for me include peppermint, moringa, echinacea, and ginger. There are many others. I also must say black seed oil is known as the seed of blessing and it definitely bless! I highly recommend it. Lastly, because I can name so many, Irish Sea Moss. I personally saw a love one recover from being sick using these herbs. Please look them up.

  3. Hygiene Products and Toiletries - Ladies, when people started buying everything, they bought everything! We need our feminine products. We need the basic things such as soap, deodorant, tooth brushes and tooth paste. We need tissue! Keep plenty of tissue! Stay ahead a few months with all these items.

  4. Cleaning Supplies - One of the main things we learned was that we need cleaning supplies. It's best to use products that are natural if possible. However, no matter what, keep things you prefer to use to clean your home. If all else, keep vinegar. It is a natural cleaner. Mix it with water and it disinfects well.

  5. Faith & Love - This should have been my number 1. We need to believe! The right amount of faith will help you push through anything. Love heals and helps. When we love and know we are loved, we are happier.

2021 will be an amazing year. Yes, things may happen through the year beyond our control. We have the strength to endure. Do not look for the worse. Look for the best! Expect the best. Work towards the best. Focus on having one of your best years. Keep God first and you will succeed!

List three things in the comments that you are excited about for 2021. Let's end how we want to begin.

Nina Thomas, affectionately known as Nina Motivates, is a youth pastor, author, publisher, life coach, and a comedic motivator. Nina mission in life is to help people move pass their differences and live in their God given purpose. You can learn more about Nina at

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